How to convert MOV

You can download a free trial version of Pixar MOV Converter. If you wish to buy it click here. So, grab the trial, install and let's start the step-by-step guide!

Pixar MOV Converter is a powerful, easy to use MOV converter software which helps you convert QuickTime MOV to mpeg, QuickTime MP4 to mpeg, etc. It supports video formats including MOV, MPEG4, AVI, MEPG1 and MPEG2.

1. Use "ADD" button on the main window or "ADD" in the "File" menu to select your original file first, and then open the folder where your original files are located.
2.Select a file or several files. The file(s) you highlighted will be loaded after you click "Open". Here, you can view relevant info of those files. The software detects the "Duration" and "Type" of the loaded files automatically, and also some advanced info, such as the video and audio codec, which are shown in the certain location after you highlight it.
3. Use "Remove" button to remove the loaded file which you highlight. This buttons can also be found in the "File" menu.


4. You can confirm if you have loaded the right file by previewing them. Please highlight the file that you want to preview, press "Play" button to preview it. Pixar MOV Converter supports playback function.
5. Select target file format that you want to output. Highlight your loaded file first and then select output format from "Profile" combo-box. You can select multi files and set output format simultaneously.
6. There are default settings which can be found in the right panel of the main window. It can be adjusted or changed manually according your needs. If you don't know what the setting means, leave it as the default one.



7. To set the folder that you want to save your target file, you may select the Output folder by clicking "Browse..." button or directly enter a path in the "Destination" box. "C:temp" is setted as the default destination folder.
8. Open "Preferences..." in the "Settings" menu to set how many files you can convert simultaneously before you start the conversion process. After the setting is done, click "Converter" button to start the conversion. During the process of conversion, you can "Pause" and "Stop" it at anytime if you click certain buttons.



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